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iFive: Facebook Yah-Boos Google, Tony Hayward Resurfaces, Apple's Wi-Fi Headphones, Windows Phone 7 Launch, LHC Goes Bang

Fast Company's daily round-up brought to you by its very own Rowdy Yates.

iFive: Facebook Yah-Boos Google, Tony Hayward Resurfaces, Apple's Wi-Fi Headphones, Windows Phone 7 Launch, LHC Goes Bang

It may be cold, gray and rainy where you are, but the sun is shining in Innovation land.

1. Yesterday, we brought you news of the data spat between Google and Facebook. Today, that spat has intensified, with Facebook circumnavigating Google's API and hacking a Google feature that allows users to download their own data. Boys. BOYS! Play nice. Mark Zuckerberg can afford the fight, as comScore says that a quarter of all graphic ads on the Internet are viewed on Facebook now. But Zuck will be looking for a new press lady, since Brandee Barker is stepping down in order to set up her own communications business for startups.

2. If anyone was wondering how Tony Hayward was doing since stepping down as the Gran Hombre of BP, wonder no more. The Frodo lookalike is on a BBC documentary tonight talking about the event that took over his life. The Guardian, rather unfairly, picks out a no-doubt, off-the-cuff comment about how an acting degree might have served him better than his existing one—in geology, natch. He also admits that BP was "not prepared" for the Gulf spill. Meanwhile, the federal investigation into the disaster says that there is no evidence that the oil firms put profits before safety on their rigs in the Gulf.

3. Is Apple going to introduce wireless headphones for the iPod? Apple just snapped up a SF firm called Wi-Gear that specializes in, yep, wireless headphones. A logical progression, really, although iFive will hold out for the ones with a touchpad on them. Or something.

4. Yesterday was D-Day for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Launch. And, with mainly positive reviews, as well as the revelation that there's an app for those of you who'd rather use Google search rather than Bing, one hopes that the OS proves a hit for Microsoft (whether you're an MS fanboi or not, the tech world needs the Redmond gang to be a contender in the ongoing Tech Behemoth Wars). CNet, however, is claiming that less than half of the Phone 7 devices had been sold at an AT&T store in San Francisco yesterday. More interesting, however, is Brian X. Chen's story on Wired about how the firm pulled the plug on the first version of the OS, starting from scratch.

5. The Large Hadron Collider has created a mini Big Bang, with temperatures reaching over a trillion degrees—that's a million times hotter than the sun, says the BBC. Pretty pictures of the amaze-o-thon here.