Neighborhood Nurse Offers “Health Care Friend” at Your Disposal

Neighborhood Nurese

How many times have you had to wait hours on the phone or in line when you just have a simple medical question for your doctor or nurse? Simple questions can lead to unnecessary doctor visits and expenses. One online medical startup hopes to profit from that.

We already told you that Atlanta is a new hotspot for startups, and the latest venture coming out of the A-T-L is Neighborhood Nurse, a “concierge” health care service that allows you access to a nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the United States. The startup is going to be heavy on social media, with a focus on using online tools to interact with patients.

Neighborhood Nurse was started by Kristina Larsen, a registered nurse who found that friends of hers sometimes just needed a “health care friend” to bounce questions off. According to their website, Neighborhood Nurse is “the first organization building a national network of registered nurses accessible to the public at large.”

It isn’t yet clear in what way these nurses will be available, but the prospects are exciting. A Facebook-full of nurses? A Twitter handle where you can DM medical questions? With first-hand insight into the changing health care needs of her local community, Larsen has a good chance of succeeding, as long as she continues to find new patients, live up to the “real time” appeal of the company, and convey to the public all of the details wanted above. How’s that for reducing emergency room overcrowding and associated health care costs? Listen up, politicians!

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