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Innovation Timeline

One of the things I love doing is designing timelines and information graphics to create conversations about what’s possible in the future.

Back in 2007 I created an innovation timeline showing the dates of various start-ups and inventions ranging from Fast Company and email to Starbucks and Google. It also featured some predictions for future inventions ranging from a single global currency to artificial eyes and plastic bones. Most were serious. Some were stretching the possible somewhat.

Anyway, I think it’s time to do an update of the timeline adding a few things that really have been invented during the past 3 years and also adding a few more speculations up to the year 2050 and possibly beyond.

I’m developing some thoughts over the next few weeks but if anyone has any potential contenders in mind they can post their ideas right here.

Innovation Timeline

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About the author

Richard is co-founder of Essential (essential-design.com), a Boston-based design and innovation firm that specializes in products and services.



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