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Innovation Agents: Stephen Chau, Senior Product Manager for Google Maps

The idea of incorporating high-resolution photos into online maps wasn't a new one, even at Google. But no one quite figured out how to pull it off until Stephen Chau, a former Goldman Sachs banker, tackled the project that became Google Street View. His goal was to create "a 360-degree panorama to replicate what you would see if you were walking down the street." It became one of Google's fastest growing and best-known products. In this video, Chau talk about how he went from working on Google's IPO to working at Google, offers a detailed look at the technology used to create Street View, and what he's got mapped out next.


This interview is part of a series about the paths that innovators took to get where they are today. See more Innovation Agents.

Video produced by Amanda Holt of Shatterbox.