iFive: China’s Color E-Reader, AOL-Yahoo Rumors, U.K. Space Sector Up, Renewables Down, RockMelt Browser Launch, NY Marathon

It’s Monday! Not a fun day! But innovation! Takes no vacation! (Or prisoners.)

While you were sleeping, Burma was voting. Ah! Democracy. Yes, but it’s bad democracy, according to the country’s opposition party, and various voices in the West.


1. Joining Barnes & Noble in the rainbow section of manufacturers of color e-Readers is… not Amazon. The Nook Color is to be joined in Q1 of 2011 by a larger model from Hanvon. The 10-inch touchscreen reader is the first to use E Ink, and will be on sale in China for around $440.

2. We’ve already covered an AOL-Yahoo coupling. Now The Wall Street Journal has more on the AOhoo or YahOL idea. AOL has hired itself a bunch of advisers to consult on the various options open to the Internet giant (surely that’s what your board of directors and executives are meant to do, not a bunch of outsiders). Anyhoo (oh, see what I… harrumph) one of the options is, apparently, a bunk-up with Carol Bartz. Carol F***in’ Bartz! I know!! Techland’s other sexy mutha, Kara Swisher, pours icy water on the rumors via the AllThingsD blog.

3. You may not have realized there was one, but the space sector here in the U.K. has seen a 10% leap in earnings, according to the BBC. Turnover is around $7.5 billion, with employment rising by 15% a year. Compare and contrast with projections for one part of the renewable energy sector. Wind turbine sales could be down by 93% in 2013, according to The Guardian.

4. RockMelt: not an ice lolly, not a retro hair-n-spandex band, but a new browser. Backed by Marc Andreessen, yes, one of the dudes that brought us Netscape, it’s a browser for well-connected people. Not the Buffies and the Muffies, but those of us who can’t live without our social networks–such as the Queen of England*, who has gone on Facebook. Robert Scoble analyses its chances of success, and there’s a lengthy video to go with it if you have the time.


5. And finally, it was New York’s marathon yesterday. As well as Edison Pena, the Chilean miner who ran through the subterranean tunnels as a way of sticking two fingers up to his incarceration, there were another 45,343 competitors–of which the New York Times photographed 99 as they loped over the finish line. Ethiopian legend Haile Gebrselassie retired with a knee injury at 16 miles, retiring from athletics in the process, The men’s race was won by Gebreselassie’s countryman Gebre Gebremariam, and the women saw Kenyan Edna Kiplagat take the ribbon ahead of the U.S.A.’s Shalane Flanagan.

*Here’s a joke. What’s the Queen’s first name? The.

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