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Black Friday: In Search of a Deal [Infographic]

There used to be two types of "Black Friday" shoppers: those who ventured forth into the concrete jungle with the rest of the deal-hungry animals and those who waited for the madness to end. The Internet has changed this for many as more people head to the silicon jungle instead. Which are you?

Black Friday: In Search of a Deal [Infographic]

Christmas shopping has gone from a mad race that often included prep-time the night before and getting in line hours before stores opened (and they normally open early on Black Friday). The tension was thick. The deals were plentiful. The hunt for the perfect Christmas gift was a cutthroat quest that turned many a mild-mannered citizen into a cold-hearted deal pirate.

Things have changed over the last couple of years as more people are going online and avoiding the lines, chaos, and headache of hitting the brick-and-mortar trail. Our friends at Savings put together this excellent Infographic that portrays where we've been, where we are, and where we're likely going later this month.

Black Friday Infographic