Why Aren’t You Eating With Titanium?

Sometimes, it’s comforting to know your utensils will outlive you.

Why Aren’t You Eating With Titanium?
Snowpeak Spork-3colors

You there, eating the burrito: Did you know your white plastic spork only lasts 500 years before breaking down? Are you ashamed? You should be. Because Snowpeak’s anodized camping utensils are made of titanium, a material so tough and cool that it is even more indestructible when it’s in outer space. Yes, these things will be around and sporking long after you are reduced to carbon — and they come in pretty colors. The company’s American representative says these colors are created by electricity in the anodizing process:


You place the sporks within a acid solution and apply an electrical voltage, and with the varying of the temperature of the solution, the voltage level, and the duration of time, you end up with a large spectrum of colors.

Snowpeak, a Japanese outdoors company, also makes stainless steel chopsticks (but only in one color).

Available January 1, 2011 from Price: $11 USD.


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