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Designer Michael Vanderbyl on Making Brands Authentic

Michael Vanderbyl is a multidisciplinary designer that has a message for companies, "A brand should be about truth." Here, he tells us how designers must be part of business from the beginning, to create an authentic brand and fit a company into a world where design is all around us.

The Design Does Matter video series is produced by Teknion, creator of award-winning office systems furniture. Teknion also is the publisher of the Design Does Matter book, now in its third edition, featuring essays from top designers and design thinkers. The Design Does Matter concept was developed for Teknion by San Francisco designer Michael Vanderbyl of Vanderbyl Design, who has articulated what Teknion stands for in every media from print collateral to showrooms to digital presence. This year's Design Does Matter films were produced by Kris Johnson, an independent producer based in San Francisco.

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