Lego Toys Launch Into Space This Week

Lego and NASA have partnered up to boost children’s interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by making the classic toys symbolize the potential of every child to become future astronauts. Lego toys will join the shuttle space crew as they leave for space this week and the toy company has a tent set up outside the Cape Canaveral launch point in Florida.

The theme of the three-year partnership is “Building and Exploring Our Future.” Lego will soon be releasing toys alongside developments with NASA, such as upcoming missions to space. It’s not exactly clear what those toys will be, but GM life-size robots on the Lego website may be an indication of what is to come. And it’s certain that a mini-Lego shuttle will launch to space this week with the crew.

The NASA crew will actually assemble some of the Lego sets while in orbit, an exercise that is meant to show children the difficulty of managing physical space in a microgravitational environment.

“The Lego Group’s purpose is to inspire children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future,” said North America’s Lego Education president, Stephan Turnipseed, in the press release.

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