iFive: Violent Video Games, iPad Dominance, Chrome OS, Un-Printing Facebook, Google-Boku Rumors

Innovation was elected to office even before the polls opened. Here’s what you missed.

It’s election day, but before you place the X in a candidate’s box, here is the early morning news. Will it sway your vote?


1. The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments today and tomorrow in Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants (oh–the irony!). The question concerns the free speech status of a 2005 state law that terminated sales of “excessively” violent games to under 18-year-olds–excessively violent meaning “killing, maiming, dismembering or sexually assaulting an image of a human being.”

2. Apple’s iPad has been on the market for months, and despite the arrival of a few strong competitors like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the expected onslaught of tablet PCs hasn’t arrived. Exactly how much of the market is now controlled by Apple? The Wall Street Journal reports it at 95%, and with sales up 26% over the previous quarter, it’s only going to get harder for Android to take a bite out of Apple.

3. One hope for Google in the tablet game is its Chrome OS. Rumor site Digitimes is reigniting the November launch rumor for the novel operating system, reporting that manufacturers have all tooled-up and produced enough “new generation smartbooks” for this timeframe. Google’s also reported to have an own-brand Chrome notebook en route.

4. You know that neat idea about printing all your Facebook friends pictures out as a giant poster to remind you how lucky you are? Facebook’s got all defensive about the project, and has flexed a legal muscle to force it to be renamed from “Printing Facebook” to “Social Printshop.” At least the site reports the Facebook legal tigers were “cordial and polite.”

5. Big rumors are swirling that Google may be about to buy mobile payments system Boku for about $250 million. It could plug into Android or Chrome OS or all sorts of other Google goodies to enable on-the-go payments. But Apple’s sniffing at Boku too, and with its aggressive patenting of mobile payments tech it may be the favorite. Expect news–or a rumor debunk–soon.

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