Fast Company Story Spurs “Aiducation” to Fund Schooling for Kenyan Girls

When we profiled DoSomething award winner Jessica Posner this past summer, the 24 year-old had already opened the Kibera School for Girls–the only tuition-free school for girls in Kenya’s Kibera slum. The school  already serves students through second grade, and will follow current students through eighth grade. Now, as a result of the profile, 15 girls from each year’s graduating eighth grade class will have the opportunity to continue on to private boarding schools throughout Kenya.

After reading the Fast Company article on Jessica Posner, Aiducation International sent representatives to visit the Kibera School for Girls. “We were already thinking about ways to guarantee students education that won’t stop in eighth grade,” Posner explains.

After the visit, Aiducation offered to sponsor 15 graduates (the average class size) each year to go to private boarding school. The organization has committed to paying up to 1,600 Euros each year per student. “That’s enough to go to some of the best boarding schools in the country,” Posner says.

This is a coup for Posner, who has won the Dell Social Innovation competition, a Newman’s Own Foundation grant and the Echoing Green Fellowship all in the past year. “To be able to guarantee this kind of future is really what I hope we’ll be able to do more of,” she says.

Next up for Posner: opening one of the first community-run health centers in Kibera. The clinic, which opens next week, will see up to 25 patients each day and  focus on common local issues like HIV, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.

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