iPhone Alarm Bug Causes Daylight Savings Havoc Abroad

old alarm clock

An iPhone alarm bug is wreaking small amounts of havoc across the globe. In Australia, folks Down Under were compelled to wake up an hour earlier than usual; while in the U.K., iPhone alarms went off an hour late, causing “scores” of workers to sprint for the tube. (No need to rush to check your clocks, American readers: Daylight Savings Time happens a week earlier across the pond than it does here, following new rules in place since 2007.) And in at least one documented case–MacWorld senior editor Jon Seff–iPhone alarms went off an hour earlier than usual in the U.S., as well.

The problem seems to be specific to the iPhone 4 alarm app. Though it’s unclear whether there’s much cause for alarm (ha) Stateside, it couldn’t hurt to delete the current alarms you’ve set up and replace them with new ones, according to some reports. Presumably, Apple should have the situation under control by next week, though they’ve yet to comment publicly in the U.S. at the time of this posting.

[Image: Flickr user tronixstuff]DZ