• 11.02.10

Time Isn’t for Sharing With the Nooka Zayu Watch

Let them stare: when you’re wearing this baby, no one’s reading the time without your help.

Time Isn’t for Sharing With the Nooka Zayu Watch

It’s hard not to feel like a cartoon character from the future when you’re wearing Nooka’s newest watch, the Zayu. And yet, there’s something curiously satisfying about this version of the future.


See, the future is supposed to be a place of high design and parsimony, where our objects are all achievements in radical simplicity. That’s how the Zayu appears at first glance: the asymmetrical design is Nooka’s way of making it an “ambidextrous” watch that’s wearable on right or left arms. Wait a second, you might be saying: a symmetrical watch is also wearable on both arms. And you’d be right.

But that would be missing the point. Nooka’s endeavor here isn’t to make watches more practical — after over 400 years, the wrist watch is pretty highly evolved — but rather to make it more arcane. Time of day is usually a pretty cheap commodity. But when you wear one of these Nooka pieces, it’s yours alone, leaving those around you to float haplessly in a timeless ether-world.

All jokes aside, the Zayu deceptively easy to read — once you crack the code, that is.

Available for sale from starting in November. Price: $175 USD.


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