• 10.29.10

Google Intensity Map Tracks Political Prognostications

Want to know which way the wind is likely to blow in D.C. following the midterm elections? Check out Google’s new Election Ratings map.

The country is on tenterhooks to see whether the Democrats will hold on to Congress in next Tuesday’s midterm elections. Now Google has created a tool that, while hardly failsafe, will certainly make the armchair prognosticating more fun.


The 2010 Elections Ratings map pulls in data from various political trackers and displays it on a map of the United States. View the Rothenberg Political Report’s latest predictions about the U.S. Senate races, for example, and the map paints each state in shades from dark red to dark blue, depending on whether Rothenberg’s information indicates that the Republican or the Democratic candidate is likely to win. You can also view the map by House and gubernatorial races, as well as by individual state.

“Many political experts and news sources track and revise predictions, but until now it’s been hard to compare perspectives,” Google writes on the website. “We’ve worked with some of the top names in politics — Sabato, Cook, Rothenberg, CQ-Roll Call, and RealClearPolitics — to make it easier to track the daily changes in the political landscape.”

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