Beard Business: Giants’ Brian Wilson Sparks Cottage Industry

The San Francisco Giants are dominating the World Series–and so is the infamous jet-black facial hair sported by relief pitcher Brian “fear the beard” Wilson. The harmonious convergence of the World Series and Halloween has spawned a cottage industry of fake beards. Costume sellers couldn’t be happier.

According to one report from local blog SanRafaelPatch, Bay Area costume shops are being inundated with requests for the Brian Wilson beard. Fantasy Clothing Co., a costume shop in San Francisco, says its Brian Wilson beard is the top costume request this year. It’s also doing a brisk trade in generic beards. Costumes on Haight (another local shop) has reportedly ordered extra beard shipments, and the Giants Dugout Store has, of course, also stocked up on fake beards and beard masks. 

Etsy sellers are getting in on the action–the imadeyouabeard shop is offering a special Fear the Beard “Giants Support Beard.” Piquantdesigns is shilling a Brian Wilson beard pacifier for the younger set. There’s no shortage of Fear the Beard t-shirts available for purchase, either. And yes, in case you were wondering, the beard already has its own Twitter feed, with nearly 3,000 followers.

Fans who don’t want to spend cash on a fake beard can get inspiration from the Brian Wilson’s Beard Facebook page (10,000 ‘likes’ and rising fast). There you’ll find plenty of fan beard photos, including some inspired bearded pumpkins. It’s probably just a matter of time before entrepreneurial fans start selling these pumpkins on the street, too. After all, Halloween weekend and the World Series are just getting started.

Ariel Schwartz can be reached on Twitter or by email.