Microsoft’s HealthVault Enters China

The Chinese are getting high-tech with their personal health, as indicated by the entrance of Microsoft’s HealthVault into the country, announced yesterday. HealthVault allows individuals to store all of their personal health information in a special account online, but which is also accessible by relevant providers at hospitals, fitness facilities, and, of course, the government.

Wuxi is the first city in China to receive the software application and China’s leading IT services provider, iSoftStone, is the China-based partner facilitating HealthVault’s entry into the country.

“This facility will include a HealthVault datacenter, a test lab for HealthVault software and device developers, and training facilities for solution providers that build on the HealthVault platform. Microsoft and iSoftStone will be responsible for the localization of HealthVault and will lead efforts to identify health and wellness scenarios for which they will recruit or build solutions in-market,” according to the press release.

Microsoft first rolled out HealthVault in 2007, but this is the platform’s first entry into China. The hope is that China’s vast population will be better linked to health care providers through the software and iSoftStone is working with a variety of health institutions to maximize the impact and utility of the platform.