Infographic of the Day: A 3-D Map of America’s Highest Mountains

“Peak bagging” may sound like some unholy hazing ritual, but it’s actually just another name for hiking with a purpose. Peak baggers aim to “bag”, or ascend, all the highest elevations in a given area of the country–or just all of them, period. Now hardcore hikers can zero in on their next summit using 3-D visualizations, courtesy of Chicago designer Jerome Daksiewicz.

[Click to view full-size]

Color coded 3D graphics highlight the highest elevations at glance. But Daksiewicz breaks things down in minute detail, including a pie chart classifying the names of the landmarks. (“Mounts” and “peaks” compose half of the map; “mounds” and “knobs”, not so much.)

And if you’re a straight-up data nerd as well as an outdoorsy type, you’ll also appreciate this handy bar chart of elevations, complete with means: