StyleCaster Shoots Its First Cover Story for the Web

Model Alexandra Richards graces the cover of the web’s first serious fashion cover story, shot by photographer Nicholas Routzen.

StyleCaster web mag cover


Like a lot of fashion publications, StyleCaster focuses on women’s fashion and lifestyle. But the site isn’t a component to a glossy print magazine. Neither is it a snarky blog that relies on others’ coverage and photos or lo-fi on-the-street shots or even catalog-like runway photos timed to events. Rather, it aims to master the art of high-quality fashion coverage created specifically for the web. It comes with all of the premium editorial content you’d expect–plus a branded social network rife with advertising opportunities. And this week the site took a giant leap and invested in its first real cover story, a spread featuring model Alexandra Richards, shot by photographer Nicholas Routzen.

For the web.

The way StyleCaster works is simple–you log on, create a profile, and from there you can friend other fashionistas, browse articles and fashion films, share clothing influences, and peek into the online closets of others.

StyleCaster founder and CEO, Ari Goldberg, is based in New York City and describes his site as a place where “art meets science.”

The topic of a “cover story” is particularly compelling–whereas a “cover girl” or cover model would historically be quite an accomplishment given the monthly nature of most print magazines, with online media a different person can grace a “homepage” every minute or every hour.

“For the big features–we’ll have to work out what works best with our audience. The plan now is to stick with once a month and the cover stories will stay up for a couple of days,” Goldberg tells Fast Company.


When Goldberg started StyleCaster back in 2008, “the fashion industry was a space completely void of technology,” he says. When he later brought on Emily Finkbinder as Creative Director, that’s when things really started to pick up. “People we always wanted to work with but could never get were contacting us,” says Goldberg.

As for StyleCaster’s future? “Media domination,” says Goldberg.

Launching at the start of the recession in 2008 was an interesting time, to say the least. But, “We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. The Recession forced us to be sharper,” says Goldberg.

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