Infographic of the Day: A Visual Dictionary for Type Fans

Typography freaks, hold onto your cap heights: Ligature, Loop & Stem, a Toronto-based design firm that exists solely to celebrate type, has created a gorgeous limited edition poster, which — wait for it! — celebrates type.

[Click image for larger view]

Typographic Anatomy Lesson Plan” is a meticulous annotation of a pangram, and the idea’s to teach designers various naming conventions and letterform characteristics, hence the eerie resemblance to grade-school penmanship homework. (All those red marks, especially.)

Obviously, this is serious insider baseball — the sort of professional minutiae that’s been passed on from one designer to the next since Johannes Gutenberg’s day. Not coincidentally, the typefaces Ligature, Loop & Stem selected here — “Epic” and “National” — wouldn’t look entirely out of place in a 15th-century bible, even though they were designed within the past few years. Per the press materials: “[T]heir designs represent the best aspects of typographic design of the past and the present.” Read more about how LL&S went about making the poster on UnderConsideration here.

Ligature, Loop & Stem formed last year, and it’s already become something of a darling among print fetishists for its limited-run “fine typography-related products.” Originally, LL&S produced the Typographic Anatomy Lesson Plan for the industry confab Typecon, then made 100 copies available at $75 a pop online. They sold out in five days.

Time to start trolling eBay!

[Via UnderConsideration; images courtesy of Ligature, Loop & Stem]