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iFive: PlayStation Phone Pics, Apple's China Copyright Trouble, An EV Record, The New Warren Buffett, MySpace's Makeover

Good morning. While you were sleeping, advances in technology, ethonomics, and business leadership just kept on keepin' on. Here are just five of myriad examples:

1. Pictures of something looking like the PlayStation Phone have been leaked. Though it doesn't specify the provenance of the images, Engadget assures that the prototype pictures on its site are the real deal. The prototype features a roughly four-inch screen and something looking like a long multi-touch pad in the center. Get pumped: Now you can finally change your phone number to a combination of squares, triangles, and circles, like you always wanted.

2. Well, isn't this awkward. Just as Apple is trying to make great strides into the world's largest mobile market—China—a Chinese company called Proview Technology accuses Apple of copyright infringement. Proview says it owns the rights to the name "iPad" in China, and calls Apple's march forward without negotiating with Proview "arrogant." Apple just made its App Store available in simplified Chinese, but it looks like its foray into the Middle Kingdom just got more complicated.

3. It's a new record: a German electric car has gone a walloping 372 miles on a single charge, making it from Munich to Berlin. It beat out the record formerly held by Sanyo, by about 28 miles. ""If any journalists want to charge up their iPhones, we still have some electricity left," said the driver, Mirko Hahnnemann, as he stepped out. Who knows how long that smugness will last, though—this is a record we can expect to see broken again and again, as energy storage improves.

4. How do you get what must be one of the best gigs on Wall Street—stepping into Warren Buffett's shoes at the helm of a $100 billion investment portfolio? You apply for it, reports the Wall Street Journal. That's how Todd Combs, the 39-year-old surprise pick, got the job. Combs's former professor at Columbia said he'd completely lost track of him until this week, but now remembers that he owes the former student a $10 gold piece, a prize promised for the best stock picker in the class.

5. MySpace just got a makeover—and it looks like a Hail Mary pass. What do you do when you can't beat Facebook at its game? Play a different one. The redesign puts a new focus on entertainment, emphasizing music, videos, and celebrity gossip—throwing it more into competition with MTV. MySpace is "out of the social networking category" altogether, said CEO Mike Jones—not that Mark Zuckerberg was sweating it.