India’s Digital Future: Driven by Social Change Aspirations

Indian students at a training

Millennials in India, more than those in any other country, say social media tools are vital for social change, according to recent statistics uncovered by marketing and communications agency Euro RSCG Worldwide.

Eighty-six percent of millennials view social media as “a force for change.” Less than 25% of those sampled were likely to name business or government as powerful tools for social change.

Beyond the high usage of the social networks, Facebook and Orkut, Indian millennials are increasingly engaged in online activity to oppose human rights abuses, through a site called I Protest. Indian millennials are also much more likely to use social media for “mycasting,” getting involved in participatory news reports.

And Indian millennials are 50% less likely than those in France and the U.S. to view social media tools as primarily entertainment mediums.

With shifting power dynamics–both politically and digitally–the findings have significant implications, namely that the future of social change in India will be largely fueled by digital tools, while the rest of the world may end up just watching and learning a thing or two from the emerging powerhouse.

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[Image: flickr user Niyam Bhushan]