National Quality Education Conference

LEED-certified schools are less taxing on the earth and have been
shown to be healthier for kids. But if going green still feels like a
luxury for strapped school budgets, the U.S. Green Building Council
would like to talk another sort of green: “Eco-friendly schools
generally save $100,000 a year on operating expenses, enough to hire
two new teachers and buy 5,000 textbooks,” says Rachel Gutter, director
of the council’s Center for Green Schools. If that doesn’t grab the
attention of the administrators gathered at this Chicago event, maybe
the Sidwell Friends Middle School, in Washington, D.C., would. It rated
Platinum, thanks to bamboo doors, floors recycled from Baltimore Harbor
pilings, and cladding from 100-year-old wine barrels. — JD

Sun, November 07

National Quality Education Conference

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