75th Anniversary of Monopoly

Monopoly may not have a technical monopoly on the game industry, but
it’s certainly ubiquitous: Hasbro has sold 275 million of the board
games since its 1935 debut, which have bankrolled more than 1 billion
players. Emboldened by the success of web and mobile versions — not to
mention Monopoly slot machines, video games, and McDonald’s promotions
— Hasbro hopes to broaden its appeal with a Monopoly Facebook game and
Monopoly Revolution, a circular, cashless version of the board game
(teens with credit cards! Run!). “Wherever consumers are,” says global
brand leader Jane Ritson-Parsons, “that’s where we want to be.” Spoken
like a true red-hotel tycoon. — DM

Fri, November 05

Pass Go
75th Anniversary of Monopoly

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