• 10.26.10

Oil Spill Used for Limited-Edition Poster Prints

One use for the oil from the Gulf of Mexico: turn an ugly event into something beautiful.

oil and water don't mix poster making

London-based graphic designer Anthony Burrill has created a poster using oil from the Deepwater disaster. The posters, with the slogan “Oil & Water Don’t Mix” were created for Belgian design agency Happiness, using oil gathered from the beaches of Grande Isle, Louisiana.


“It’s quite a stupid phrase,” says Burrill, who mostly works with type and short messages. “It’s basic and straightforward, but because the poster is printed using oil from the gulf spill it gives it a resonance and a kind of importance, basically.”

What remains to be seen is how (or if) BP will respond. The oil firm is one of the most generous sponsors of the arts in the U.K., but discovered that not everyone appreciated its cultural largesse at Tate Britain’s summer party earlier this year.

The limited-edition posters–there are 200 available–which were printed in New Orleans, are available at the gulfofmexico2010 website, for €150 each. All benefits go to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

[Image taken from Happiness Brussels’ Flickrstream]

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