Work Smart 2: How Do You Know When to Kill a Project?

The toughest thing an entrepreneur has to do is admit a company or a product is a failure and move on. But the longer you work on something that’s not working, the more time you lose that could be spent working on a success. Last week we talked about how to determine which projects are worth working on. This week’s episode of Work Smart covers part 2 of inventor Bryan Serven’s question: what are the early signs it’s time to end a project?

Once more author of Do More Great Work Michael Bungay Stanier weighs in with his advice for diversifying your portfolio of projects.

Here is the Popplet mind map used in today’s episode:

For Part 1 of this question and to know which projects are worth working on, click here. To print this mind map, click here (PDF file).

Special thanks to Michael Bungay Stanier of Box of Crayons and Bryan Serven of MakerWorks for appearing in this episode, and to Popplet. You can download Popplet for the iPad.GT