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The Nau Down Hoody Is Light as a Feather and Warm as a Stovetop


The best part about Nau's down hoody is the way it's cut: it's slim. Unlike other puffy jackets, it doesn't make you feel like a helium-filled reincarnation of President Taft. The other best part: It weighs about as much as a T-shirt. The other other best part: it's a hoody.

The shell and liner of the Down Hoody are 100% recycled polyester (that recycled fabric is part of the reason we profiled Nau back in 2007). The guts are 850-fill down, which can be collapsed down to about the size of a 20-ounce bottle. There are some ingenious details: You can adjust the waistband from inside the side pockets, keeping your hands warm, and the path of the zipper skews toward your right ear, meaning the zipper doesn't end up in your mouth. Smart.

And yes, it's very warm.

Available now at Price: $290.


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