• 10.27.10

Wanted: The Hat With a Heart

Krochet Kids is a non-profit that employs Ugandan women to knit hats that you would happily wear even if they weren’t knit by Ugandan women.

Wanted: The Hat With a Heart
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Thanks to word-of-mouth demand for its top-notch crochet beanies, Uganda-based Krochet Kids has grown from 10 full-time employees to over 70. The cleverness is in the trade. Customers and employees both get something they don’t see very often. in Uganda, it’s stable employment. In the U.S., it’s craftsmanship.


Call it charity for the web generation: design-conscious and entrepreneurial, a way to make donations as economically attractive as they are heart-warming. If the bottom line is caring about the cause, this basic, earnest approach (“buy a hat, change a life”) is highly effective.

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The organization, which was founded by four friends from Spokane, WA, has just released a line of beanies for the fall season.

Available now at Price: $25-$30.


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