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Snowpeak's Stainless Chopsticks Show Your Reserve, Strength, and Patience

The collapsible self-storing chopstick for any noodle-loving toughness enthusiast.


It's arguably impossible to appear sophisticated without Japanese flatware on your person, and Snowpeak's finely crafted stainless steel folding chopsticks are made for the carrying. The steel barrels screw onto bamboo tips, a 2011 upgrade on this product, which the Japanese outdoor gear company has made for several years. (Prior models had tips made of recycled baseball bats, which had the benefit of reminding you that when East meets West, it is often in competition.)


Snowpeak has been pushing into the U.S. outdoor gear market for several years by bringing successful products from the Japanese market in through U.S. retailers like and REI. If they're successful this year, the company will have some ingenious outdoor furniture that it hopes will lure new customers.

Available now at Price: $39 USD.



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