Infographic: The Many, Many Shades of Modern Love

We always thought there were only two types of intimate relationships: monogamy and bopping everyone except your husband (or wife). But no!

Turns out there are dozens and dozens of them: serial monogamy, polifidelity, soft swinging, involuntary celibacy (aka every 14-year-old boy). The list goes on, and data viz king David McCandless and Laura Sullivan lay ’em all out in a handy flowchart here.


[Click image for larger view]

Obviously, this is something of a sendup of the elaborate pageant of modern love. The pastel colors and curlicue embellishments, which could’ve been pulled from the pages of a self-help book, are nothing if not ironic. We’re particularly fond of the marriage-divorce-marriage-divorce bubbles over there on the right. It’s like reading Liz Taylor’s bio. (It just needs about 50 more bubbles.)

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[Images via David McCandless]SL