Infographic of the Day: Will An Asteroid Destroy The Earth?


Doomsday approaches!

[Click image for larger view]

The infographic by Mechanicsville, Maryland, designer Zachary Vabolis maps out Near-Earth Objects — NASA-speak for asteroids and other scary crap that could send us the way of the dinosaurs — according to how close they’ll get to our planet and when.

The data apparently comes straight from NASA and only shows objects that are 1,000 meters in diameter or wider, ie. big enough to do some damage. Basically, Earth is like one of those movie-star action heros that gets shot at by about 1,000 machine guns but miraculously never gets hit.

So we’re not sure what this chart can do except frighten the bejesus out of you. But take heart: The biggest one on the list, a gem called 1036 Ganymed that’s double the size of the asteroid thought to have wiped out more than half of the species on Earth 65 million years ago, won’t come into town until… next year.

[Power of Data Visualization via I Love Charts]