Work Smart 2: What Projects Are Worth Working On?

Ideas are cheap. Execution is what matters. But how do you choose which ideas are worth sinking time and money into and actually executing on? Idea guy Bryan Serven asks the question every entrepreneur has wrestled with; I offer a way to reframe the question and weigh your options, and author of Do More Great Work Michael Bungay Stanier weighs in with a great tip. Stay tuned for next week’s video, which will tackle the second part of Bryan’s question–how you know when to kill a project.

Here is the Popplet mind map used in today’s episode:

To print this mind map, click here (PDF file).

Special thanks to Michael Bungay Stanier of Box of Crayons and Bryan Serven of MakerWorks for appearing in this episode, and to Popplet. You can download Popplet for the iPad.GT