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Brammo Enertia Plus Electric Motorcycle Goes 80 Miles on a Single Charge

Brammo Enertia Plus

When the Brammo Enertia first launched in 2009, one of its major drawbacks was that it could only go about 42 miles before requiring a recharge. But Brammo's been working hard to fix that problem, and today's introduction of the Brammo Enertia Plus doubles the range of the original model, allowing riders to travel 80 miles on a single charge.

The added range does come with a price tag—the new bike is $1,000 more expensive. Brammo loyalists, who purchased the original Brammo, are eligible for a $2,500 factory rebate when they purchase the new $8,995 Plus. But they will not be able to trade in the original model. Like the original though, the Enertia Plus, is eligible for a 10% federal tax credit.

Brammo Enertia Plus