Exclusive Video: New Stoli Ads Feature Twitter Co-Founder in Hot Biz-on-Biz Action

The Influence Project

Would you have a drink with you? That’s the tagline for Stolichnaya Vodka, which, in a new series of ads, has featured Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner and actress Julia Stiles. Next in Stoli’s all-star arsenal of on-screen talent? Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

That’s right: The playboy of Twitter and author of Who Let the Blogs Out? isn’t just typing 140 characters–he’s downing 80 proof cocktails in his off-time. The video ad features two @Biz’s at a club having a back-and-forth about about whether tweets are just a “constant stream of meaningless babble.” The print ad (scroll down for full image) shows them downing two bottles of (unopened?) Stoli and presumably tweeting the night away via their smartphones. The Stone on the left appears as suave as a “Twitter Pioneer” can be, while his doppelganger on the right looks just as confused as we are that the “Nerd of the Year” is repping a vodka brand. Would you have a drink with Biz Stone? Would Biz Stone even have a drink with Biz Stone?

According to Stoli:

[The] campaign challenges the consumer to ponder how they measure up – Are you daring enough? Are you an original? Are you experiencing and living your life in an authentic, interesting way? Are you someone you’d want to share a Stoli with? In other words (or these exact ones), Would You Have a Drink With You? The campaign’s witty and humorous print ads and commercials show Stone, Twitter Pioneer, seated at a table having a drink with himself, Nerd of the Year, via split screen discussing the phenomenon of Twitter.

Is @Stoli that desperate for Twitter followers, or is Twitter that desperate for Stoli Vodka?