How to Deal With Me!

Memorandum to the Entire Company To: My Direct Reports & Anyone Else in the Company Who Has to Interact With Me. From: The Boss Re: How to Interact With Me Most Effectively

Memorandum to the Entire Company


To: My Direct Reports & Anyone Else in the Company

Who Has to Interact With Me.

From: The Boss

Re: How to Interact With Me Most Effectively

I realize I am often not clear in expressing my expectations for the operation and for you. To help remedy that situation, improve the Company and make the operation run more smoothly, here are some guidelines as to how you should interact with me. These guidelines are just suggestions, but, hopefully, they will improve our relationship and help the Company to operate at a higher level of performance.


In the following areas, here is how I would prefer you interact with me

Ø Communication:

Ø Decision Making & Problem Solving:

Ø Team Work:


Ø Conflict Resolution:

Ø Time Management:

If I need to further clarify any of this information when we are working together, please do not hesitate to let me know what additional information about me would help make working together more productive.


This is the Memorandum I insist every executive I coach prepare and disseminate to the entire Company. Why? Because most bosses, at every level of the organization, believe they are perfectly clear about how they work and how they want others to interact with them. The reality is: not so much! Many bosses believe Employees who must interact with them to get work done are telepathic–they are expected to read the boss’s mind! Because Employees have learned most bosses react adversely when asked to clarify or explain the incoherent request/order they just issued, most Employees don’t ask for any clarification or explanation; they just hope (never a good solution!) they have understood enough of what the boss wants to be able to get the job done, or they speak to the boss’s assistant who, because of familiarity with the boss’s unique brand of communication, is able to interpret what the boss wants done.

Not only does this Memorandum help Employees understand how to best interact with the Boss, but it also helps the Boss to examine and become aware of his/her own shortcomings in these critical areas and, hopefully, to decide to work at overcoming them in the Coaching Process. And it may also stop the Boss from rolling his/her eyes, as he/she glances towards Heaven and silently asks God why they were cursed with such a stupid Employee. A gesture seldom lost on the Employee, confirming to them the risk to be taken by merely asking a clarifying question. And ensuring they will not do so in the future.