Infographic of the Day: How Does Your Kid’s School Stack Up?

The Gates Foundation has produced an online tool that every parent should see: The Education Nation Scorecard for Schools, which shows the performance of each and every school in the United States, and allows you to compare them across districts and states.

The charts were created by Fathom (the firm led by data-viz genius Ben Fry). They’re draw from data filed each year by the various states’s departments of education.

So for elementary and middle schools, you can see the percentage of students that pass the curriculum in reading and math in the 4th and 8th grades; for high-schools, you can see how many graduate each year:

Obviously, the data should be taken with a hint of salt — passing rates at various grade levels can be misleading, especially in states such as New York, or Illinois, where the big-city schools practice social promotion. But in the general run, within districts and across them, it still presents a fascinating, rarely seen look at which schools excel:

There’s also a state-level view, allowing you to see how each state compares to the rest, by any of the five curriculum metrics:

And finally, the cherry on top is the international comparison:

In all, this is perhaps an even more impressive series of charts than the last effort we saw from the Gates Foundation. Check it out, and see how your local schools perform.CK