How Fashion Pioneer Norma Kamali Is Using Technology to Change Design

The veteran designer behind M.C. Hammer-style harem pants and the sleeping bag coat is now using her augmented-reality app to democratize design.

Norma Kamali may be best known as a clothing designer who has made garmets from parachute material and brought back baggy-crotch harem pants, but she’s technologically savvy as well. In this segment from the series Design Does Matter, Kamali discusses how her augmented-reality iPad app is democratizing design, and how “design is critical to the quality of life.”

The Design Does Matter video series is produced by Teknion, creator of award-winning office systems furniture. Teknion also is the publisher of the Design Does Matter book, now in its third edition, featuring essays from top designers and design thinkers. The Design Does Matter concept was developed for Teknion by San Francisco designer Michael Vanderbyl of Vanderbyl Design, who has articulated what Teknion stands for in every media from print collateral to showrooms to digital presence. This year’s Design Does Matter films were produced by Kris Johnson, an independent producer based in San Francisco.

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