Skype Swallows the Facebook Pill

Skype homepage

Skype has just released a new version for Windows that integrates with Facebook, making it easy to call, chat, or text Facebook friends using Skype.

How does it work? A new Facebook tab in Skype streams your Facebook News Feed and uploads your Facebook Phonebook. The news feed looks much as it does in Facebook, only if your friend has listed a cell phone number, there will be big Skype buttons reading SMS or Call. If both you and your friend have Skype set up, you can also call directly for free.

The Skype-Facebook team-up allows for video conference calls hosting up to 10 people. That feature is free for the foreseeable future, Skype told The Guardian, but will eventually be fee-based.

Facebook is winning the week, for sure. First a partnership with Bing to make search fueled in part by your Facebook data, and now this collaboration with Skype–it seems like everyone wants to be friends with Facebook.DZ