How the iPad Will Smarten You Up


The war to make today’s lazy males look smart presses on. Yesterday saw the launch of “smart sizing” for online suit-making, and today’s good news for would-be snappy dressers is that you can order a custom dress shirt–no boring off-the-peg number!–via an iPad app.

The Blank Label iPad app couldn’t be simpler: You choose the material, styling, details, monograms and so on, dial up your size selection, and press “order.” The selection’s not limitless, of course. There are just 40 fabrics, and you’ll miss out on the handmade and close-fit options you’d get from a real tailor. But you’ll also miss out on the high prices of bespoke shirts.

The UI is very simple, visual, and demonstrates the shirt design as you construct it. And it’ll appeal to one demographic that seems to be embracing the iPad with open arms–the businessman. If you can afford to drop $500 on an iPad, you’ll probably be happy to drop between $45 and $100 on a unique dress shirt to add that individual touch to your office outfit.

The Blank Label app also demonstrates how iPads (and other tablets) will find uses in real stores. It’s well suited to touchscreen technology, and the iPad’s screen is so good for showing things off clearly that real tailors would do well to show off their design variations using an app this for in-store use. Combined with apps like Gilt, Net a Porter, Yoox and a dozen others, the iPad is turning into one pretty fashion-friendly fashionable gizmo.

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