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Etsy, the eBay for PBR-drinking Michaels freaks, moved into new headquarters recently, and, naturally, the place is a monument to handicraft. Almost all the decor, from the over-sized tree lamps (up top) to the "TELEPHONE" telephone booth (below), is the work of DIYers who flog their wares on Etsy. The space takes up a 9,000-square-foot loft in Brooklyn's DUMBO district. Designed by Hangar Design Group Architecture, it's both a billboard to the company and a gesture of thanks to the maker community that has transformed Etsy from a scrappy startup into an estimated $100 million business. Etsy holds "craft night" here: All the desks are handmade. Note: the PBR sticker-emblazoned mini fridge Overkill? A bit. It'd be like if Twitter covered its offices in birds. Oh, wait! They already did. [Images courtesy of Hangar Design Group]