Infographic of the Day: Which Countries Have the Richest Online Lives?

Market research company TNS has unveiled a mammoth survey of online behavior, involving 50,000 people in 46 countries. The company bills it as the largest-ever survey of this sort. But what’s particularly interesting is how great a job they’ve done at presenting the results — you can see them all in this great online infographic.

It turns out that various countries have very different attitudes toward life online. Some countries, such as the U.S., view the Internet as more of a general-purpose utility. Other countries, such as those in East Asia, view the Internet as a social tool first. For example, 44% of Filipinos think social networking is the most important facet of the Internet. Just 18% of Americans agree.

There are two basic ways of drilling into the chart. The first is global, and on each of four basic metrics, the chart shows how well each of the 46 countries stack up. Here, for example, we can see that 46% of people in the U.S. are “highly engaged” in online life:

In two of the basic metrics, you can get even more granular For example, here are the percentages of people in each country who rank social networking as the most important online activity:

You can also click on each country to get a detailed dashboard of all metrics in the survey:

Mousing over all the pie-charts and such brings up the relevant details. You can see, for example, how much time people spend on each online activity:

As with many an online survey, it’s unclear if the sample is particularly representative. But this is an awe-inspiring design, at least, with a lot of data that goes down very easily. Check it out. CK