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Insanity: a defect of reason such that a person does not know what they are doing.

Crazy: an unpredictable non- conforming person, possessed of great enthusiasm and energy, who is inpatient and passionately excited.

The continuing sucky economic climate is having such a detrimental and continuing adverse impact on the workforce that it has instilled a perpetual dense atmosphere of doom and gloom that is having an increasingly toxic effect on the workforce. Leaders need to be aware of this detrimental situation and cognizant of the fact Employees are less productive when they are angry, anxious or fearful - emotions nearly every Employee is feeling in varying degree as the WorkQuake™ of the Knowledge Economy continues to alter the world of work and every Employee's place in it.

Effectively counteracting the current level of toxicity in the workforce needs to be a primary concern of every leader who seeks to not only survive but thrive in the Knowledge Economy. One way to generate the excitement needed to produce high level performance among Employees is to identify, encourage and recognize/reward the Company's Crazies. Of course being crazy just to be crazy serves no organizational purpose. What needs to be encouraged are the Crazies who are focused on the end results - the goal that needs to be achieved by the team and the organization. Don’t know how to determine who these Company Crazies are? Then pay attention! The Company’s Crazies are those Employees at every level who

Ø Are filled with great enthusiasm and energy.

Ø Are impatient and want to see progress.

Ø Are constantly pushing themselves and others outside their comfort zones.

Ø Are getting things done faster & want shorter deadlines to accomplish what needs to be done.

Ø Are, through their actions, inspiring and motivating others in the workplace.

Ø Are finding ways to make the work more fun.

Too often, because the Company’s Crazies are unpredictable and non-conforming, the organization treats them as if they were certifiably insane and don't serve a purpose other than as a distraction. While organizations do not need the insane, in these uncertain times, they cannot thrive without the Company’s Crazies to provide the positive and focused effort needed to achieve the organization’s goals.