iFive: Nobel Peace Prize, Online Toddlers, Yahoo’s FaceTime, Adobe-Microsoft Merger Muttering, London Bike Successes

If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday. If you must have news, here’s the early bits, in manageable chunks.

Sunday’s one of those rare-ish dates that’s a palindrome– 10/10/10. And at 10 past 10 and ten seconds it’ll be 10:10.10 10/10/10. As well as being intellectually ticklish, there’s also a worry this time is dangerous: Fears are spreading online that a computer virus will wreck people’s PCs. Bizarrely, there’s little evidence for a specific attack, and virus experts are noting you should be careful every day. So, onto some news:


1. Liu Xiaobo has just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010. He’s a Chinese dissident–possible the most famous among the many–because of his pro-democracy writing and non-violent campaigning, repeatedly jailed for his crimes against the state. It’s big news for many reasons, prime among which is that Liu is the first Chinese recipient of the Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee’s choice will quite definitely bring more global political pressure on the existing regime.

2. Did you check your emails, Facebook, and Twitter yet? Did your toddler? Because according to research from security firm AVN 82% of kids under two years old have some form of online presence (even if its just in the form of tagged photos). Sounds plausible–my little ‘un knocked off a few rounds of Flight Control before heading to kindergarten.

3. Apple’s FaceTime may be a big-selling PR feature for the iPhone 4 in the States, though Europeans have been used to video calls for a years and Skype’s had video for ages. That hasn’t stopped Yahoo from getting envious, and it’s targeting FaceTime with a vid-call upgrade to its messenger apps on Android and iPhone to compete. Will the networks be quivering at the thought of all that 3G data consumption pushed by Yahoo’s popularity?

4. Big rumors hit yesterday about talks between Microsoft and Adobe about a possible merger, to combine forces to beat Apple. Adobe’s stock went crazy, spurred by the excitement (and notions of Apple’s stern anti-Adobe stance). But numerous execs inside both companies have now squashed the rumor. Why all the fuss, then? Is it because MS’s Windows Phone 7 is imminent?

5. Londoners like bike sharing. A lot, it seems, which suggests similar ideas taking off around the world is a good thing. The one millionth bike loan has just happened, among the 5,000 ones available between 90,000 users. Re-cycling redefined.

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