Look Organic, Defeat Nature in Keen’s Outrageous Footwear

A line of shoes that allows you to look like a poison dart frog — and play like one.

Look Organic, Defeat Nature in Keen’s Outrageous Footwear

gorge boot

With the Keen Gorge Boot you can proudly stomp through any wetland, simultaneously scaring amphibious wildlife and looking genetically related to it. Like a wetsuit, the green uppers of this boot are made of neoprene for warmth, and the two-strap nylon configuration makes it easy to adjust with cold, wet fingers. It’s meant for paddlers, but why should they have all the fun?

In short, this is the shoe you wear when it’s so unremittingly wet outside that you’re resigned to ditching socks and letting your feet feel cool, wet nature.

If you live in the northern half of the country, this could be an important psychological step to surviving the autumn. Admit it: No amount of Gore-Tex or poly-wool socks are going to keep your feet dry in a leaf-slapping fall rain storm. You may as well be content to focus on staying warm and not falling down. Looking like a frog-person while you do it? That’s just a perk. So go ahead: put on these muck-busting river boots and walk to work. And if you see a puddle, step in it.

(And if you’re wondering if all Keen products look so distinctive, they do. Below, their new ultra-light trail-running shoe, the A86 TR, which looks like it’s hiding a stinger somewhere).


Keen Gorge Boot, $70 USD, Available in January 2011.

Keen A86 TR, $90 USD. Available in January 2011.


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