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Starbucks Coffee Cups of the Future?

Starbucks asked Designers How they'd fix its cups. Three of our Favorite ideas from the 2010 betacup challenge.

Starbucks Coffee Cups of the Future?


Australian designer Keith Orchard wanted to reduce waste while keeping the experience intact. His pulp paper-based cup is coated with palm-leaf-derived carnauba wax. "People aren't going to recycle if it's not easy," he says.


Inspired by children's toys, this inflatable thermal mug also has a bar code for loyalty programs. "Sustainable solutions must actively promote behavioral change," says Rae'ut Stern, one of CupUp's five Israeli designers.


Cookie Cup
This wafer cup's edible heat- and liquid-resistant lining allows customers to dispose of their cup by eating it. "When you have a coffee, it's also an experience," Dutch designer Martijn van Loon says. As if those triple-mocha drinks didn't have enough calories.

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A version of this article appeared in the November 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.