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David H. Lawrence's Rehearsal App Revolutionizes Auditions for Actors

Actor and founder, Sotto Voce Film+Works
Burbank, California

Lawrence, 52, built the Rehearsal app to help Hollywood actors — including himself — prepare for roles and auditions.

"I received a call to audition for a spot on Community, and I had just an hour and a half to prepare, which normally involves recording my part in my studio and listening to it over and over again in iTunes. I needed the ability to do this anywhere, so I created Rehearsal. You can upload a script to the iPad, scroll through it, scribble notes in the margins, and highlight it just like you would an actual script. You can record your lines and your scene partner's lines as you're moving through the script — the microphone on this device is incredible — and when you play it back, it will scroll automatically like a teleprompter, because the app recorded not only your voice but also your movements. It gives actors more time to explore their characters and has been used on the sets of CSI, Lost, Heroes, and even the Harry Potter films. I'm thrilled that it's successful, but my dirty little secret is that as long as it's available for me to use, I'm a happy guy."

A version of this article appeared in the November 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.