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User Feedback Optimizes Molly Reed's Productivity App OmniGraffle

VP of operations, Omni Group


Reed, 32, uses customer feedback to create user-friendly productivity apps that make film sets more efficient.

"OmniGraffle is a diagramming, drawing, and charting application that was originally created for Mac OS X and is used across all industries to increase productivity. When the iPad became available, it was just a no-brainer to apply OmniGraffle to the device. No one here is a filmmaker, but our users tell us it changes the whole on-set experience. Cinematographers can use this to map out where cameras and equipment go, and if that changes on the fly, they can adapt very quickly and even send that new diagram as a PDF to their crew, saving time. We're very committed to user experience, and our users are incredibly generous with spreading ideas for improvement and telling us how they use the app. By adapting our applications to maximize the strength of the iPad's mobility and interface, we're able to create better experiences and reach new customers."

A version of this article appeared in the November 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.