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Bravo's Bravo Now iPad App Drives Dual-Platform Usage

SVP, Bravo Digital Media, NBC Universal
New York

Hsia, 52, directs the team behind Bravo Now, an app that enhances viewers' interactive experiences.

"The iPad is a perfect companion to drive engagement around live viewing, and Bravo is the No. 1 entertainment-TV brand for dual-platform use, meaning concurrent TV and Internet use by viewers. This app features our Bravo Talk Bubble, which connects viewers with what we call 'Bravolebrities' and other fans using Twitter and Facebook, creating a real-time watercooler sensation. It not only helps us extend our reach — every person that tweets may have hundreds of followers — but it gives our fans a new viewing experience. A timeline introduces new content to the iPad every few minutes of the broadcast. We launched the app with the Bethenny Getting Married? finale, offering photos, videos, or just funny quotes as the show progressed. We're now learning what the best models are for sponsorship and how we can integrate advertisers. It's creating new revenue streams. The possibilities presented by the iPad are endless."

A version of this article appeared in the November 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.