New York Requires Household Cleaning Companies to Reveal Product Ingredients

Household cleaning companies can’t hide their toxic ingredients anymore in New York, where the state has decided to enforce a nearly 40-year-old law requiring cleaning product companies to disclose chemical ingredients as well as possible health effects. The move comes as consumer watchdog and environmental groups increasingly expose everyday products that contain hormone-disrupting and nerve-damaging chemicals.

Federal law doesn’t require companies to disclose chemicals. And while some companies–including SC Johnson and Sun Products–voluntarily offer information on their websites, many don’t.

The New York law, which will be enforced beginning this week, will be a boon to companies that offer non-toxic cleaning chemicals. Chicago-based BiOWiSH Technologies, offers a powerful, biodegradable system for breaking down organic waste. The technology can be used in everything from multi-purpose cleaning spray to removing unnecessary chemicals from industrial wastewater treatment plants.

“Unlike normal chemical based cleaning products that rely on
phosphates–these are used in detergents to stop materials from sticking so that they can be washed away–our tech can do the same task, but without any chemicals,” explains Rod Vautier the CEO of BiOWiSH. Phosphates from cleaning products can enter waterways, leading to eutrophication of lakes and generating fish-killing algae blooms.

Unsurprisingly, BiOWiSH has recently experienced an uptick in customer interest. “We’ve received several inquiries since the law was announced,” Vautier says. BiOWiSH probably isn’t alone.

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