Gap Revives Denim-to-Insulation Program

recycled denim jeans

Old jeans don’t have to die; they can be transformed into insulation–if you bring them to the Gap between October 5 and October 20. The clothing giant, which just unveiled a questionable new logo, is reviving its denim insulation program. The five-year-old program allows customers to bring old denim to Gap stores over during designated days.

All donated denim goes to Cotton. From Blue to Green, a Cotton Incorporated-sponsored program that runs denim donation drives across the U.S. Donated denim is turned into UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber
Insulation, customers receive a 30% discount off new denim purchases,
and the Gap gets kudos–everybody wins.

We applaud the Gap’s efforts, but the store shouldn’t receive too much credit. The Cotton Incorporated program is doing all the dirty work of transforming jeans into insulation, while the Gap is just leveraging its status as a well-known clothing supplier to bring attention to the initiative. It’s a start, though, and we love the Gap program’s ad campaign–it’s an effective way to bring attention to denim recycling in general. Check it out below.

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