Unknown Country Buys All-Seeing Surveillance Plane


Saab Group, a Swedish defense company (cousin to the more commonly known car manufacturer), recently received a large order for an airborne surveillance system. The buying country, which is unnamed, will be forking over 4.5 billion Swedish kronor ($670 million).

The mystery buyer is purchasing a Saab 2000 airplane outfitted with something called ERIEYE (pronounced “eerie eye”). The advantage of ERIEYE is that it’s “extremely resistant to jamming and works extremely well in dense electronic warfare environments,” according to Saab’s sleek animated video pitch, best catagorized as defense porn.

Who might have bought the aircraft? Defense Update assumes the buyer is “one of the Gulf States”; Indeed, the United Arab Emirates ordered two smaller systems from Saab earlier this year. South Africa might also have made the purchase, says Defense Update. Brazil, Mexico, and Greece already have ERIEYE radar systems, albeit on different aircraft.

There are a lot of things you can do with a terrifying airplane equipped with nearly invincible, next-gen radar. The system is useful in rescue operations, border vigilance, counter-terrorism, the fight against organized crime. And it beats the hell out of OnStar.